Arts Market Numero 2 by Ityng Deng

The weather had been pretty much the same all week. Rainy, cloudy, chilly. When will it get better?! I've been told by a few other people that I shouldn't get discouraged by the weather. And the other thing that people say is great is that I've signed up for the whole summer. At least I did one thing right. I changed my setup a bit and it definitely attracted more people this time. Not as much sales but I felt that it was still a positive day. Regardless of the weather. 

South End Arts Market Opening Day! by Ityng Deng

It was a bit chilly and rainy... Actually, A LOT chilly. I had to have a friend bring me warm socks... I was not prepared for the weather. Always a learning experience though!

Setup in the morning was kind of hectic. It was a mess when I got there around 8 AM, but understandable since it was opening day at the new location. My spot was in between... wait for it... a porta-potty and food trucks. Not the best location. But they ended up moving me anyways because they needed the space for an extra food truck they were not expecting. It was very disruptive since I was setup already but I did get a better spot. I was full of anxiety and felt overwhelmed. Was it always this nuts?! It took me a while to calm down. At least I had friends coming to visit that day.

It was also the first time I had the tent setup with the rest of my display. I will need to make lots of adjustments to the setup... This is going to be a long summer.