Redesigning... / by Ityng Deng


I had been thinking about redesigning my flour sack towel packaging for a while. What I had before was simple and practical, but I wanted the packaging to tell more of a story. If I am not there in person selling the item, what can I do to convey the brand? 


It was only after the holiday season did I begin to form a more concrete idea of what my brand is evolving into. When I first really sat down to think about the redesign, I thought it would be a long process. Maybe one that was not going to end in just a couple of days. Crafting the right image to convey the story of the brand seemed daunting. It's hard enough to be a small business owner trying to get the branding right enough, it's even harder to be a designer who's also a small business owner trying to get the branding right enough. I had higher expectations of what I wanted to put out there. 


It started out a bit rough. As I started working on it, I came to realize that I will probably need to redesign my logo as well. But since I already had one impossible task of package design to deal with that I should probably set the other impossible task of logo design for another day. 

Getting feedback from people is great and necessary for the design process. But getting feedback from friends who are also designers is even more useful. After that, I couldn't stop working on it. I was finally able to put down my vision of the design and I couldn't wait to finish it. 


I am so excited with what I ended up with. There's always room to improve but I have something that I am happy to put out there which helps to convey the story of the brand.

Now I just need to find the time to work on a new logo...